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Technical Data
Application: Emergency Eye / Face shower washes the eye and face with
2 pieces of 28 mm stainless nozzles with soft and oxygen-rich water.
Shower Head: 290 mm Diameter Stainless Steel.
Shower Valve: 3/4 “Stainless Steel High-strength Teflon sealed ball valve.
The valve handle is opened with 75 cm long ø 5 mm stainless steel and
welded handle ISO 3688-1 and En 15154-1, Ansi Z.358.1. 2014.
Spray Head: There are 2 pieces of 28 mm stainless nozzles and dust
covers that open automatically on each head.Provides a smooth flow
without harming the eyes.Eye and Face Cup: 290 mm stainless steel.
Eye and Face valve: 1/2 “stainless steel High strength Teflon seal and
certified ball valve.
Pipes and Fittings: 1.1 / 4 “3 mm wall thickness stainless pipe, Certified
fittings are all stainless steel.
Feeding: 1-1 / 4 “BSP female rear entry.
Drain: 1-1 / 4 “BSP Female outlet.
Marking: The entire structure is equipped with ISO 3864-1 marking in
accordance with ANSI and EN- 15154-1 and 2 Directives.
Quality Assurance: All sensitive parts, valves and spray heads are
assembled at the factory, and flow tests are performed by applying Ansi
and En tests before shipment. Packaged at 8 points with quality
Standards: EN 15154-2, ANSI Z.358-1