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Reference: FIREMAN SA Boots (safety toe cap + anti-perforation mid-sole)
Excellent resistance to heat flow, heat contact, fire.
Excellent resistance to chemicals : fuels, oils, weak and diluted acids, solvents.
Excellent resistance to abrasion and cuts Used with chemical protective suits (satisfy permeation tests according to EN 943-2).
Comply with standards : EN 15090 type 3 HI3 Boots for emergency situation and fire with toxic chemicals emission.
EN ISO 20345 S5 HRO SRC Heel shock absorption. Antistatic. Resistance to heat contact (HRO).
EN 13832-3 J P Q Boots highly resistant to chemicals : N-Heptane (J) Hydrogen peroxide (P) Isopropanol (Q)
EN 13287 Sole slip resistance (SRC) : – Steel floor. – Ceramic floor.
Marine fire protection equipment certified by SEE-BG, notified body N°0736 .
* Sizes 3 and 4.5 have steel toe cap and steel midsole.