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Spencer is proud to include in its comprehensive range of
transport and rescue stretchers the Wrap Up Neil
Robertson type stretcher.
The Neil Robertson stretcher was conceived and
designed for the first time at the beginning of the
century and took its name from the major contributor in
the development process.

The Spencer Wrap Up Neil
Robertson type stretcher is a general purpose stretcher
ideal for use on board ships and for rescue in narrow and
confined spaces. It gives firm support to the casualty and
allows for vertical lifting out of restricted areas. It is
made of canvas and wooden splints with a built-in
strapping system for firm immobilization of the victim in
the main vital areas: forehead, thorax, hips, ankles and

Technical information:

Materials Cotton and Bamboo splints Dimensions Length 190 cm Max. Width 112 cm Weight 7 kg
Number of straps 5 Number of handles 2 (nylon)